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  Well, if you are suffering from a hair thinning problem, you should not ignore it as it can lead to baldness. However, in order to understand how to stop hair loss, it is very important to understand the real causes of hair loss problem. Some of the basic causes that lead to hair loss include poor health conditions and lack of a healthy and balanced diet. Some of the additional causes of hair loss in both males and females include high stress and anxiety levels, along with health ailments such as diabetes and heart ailment. However, in the case of male hair loss, hair loss can occur because of the conversion of testosterone that leads to the formation of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is due to the reaction of the 5 alpha reductase enzyme, which can lead to a chemical attack on the hair follicle. This leads to hair thinning and hair loss. Such a condition of male pattern hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia. However, if you are looking for a remedy for such a hair loss, you can take effective DHT blockers that help in reducing the formation of Dihydrotestosterone.

A good DHT blocker can act as hair growth supplements that help in improving the receding hair line along while providing minerals and vitamins to the scalp so as to provide effective nutrients to the body. This helps in making the hair follicle strong enough to hold the hair and enhancing its volume, while stopping the effects of DHT. In case you are looking for hair loss supplements, you can try Propecia and Procerin as both of these medicines are effective for their hair loss treatment. Propecia basically helps in slowing the hair loss by reacting with testosterone beofre it converts to dihydrotestosterone. However, Propecia is known for its adverse effect on male testosterone while enhancing the hair growth. Procerin acts upon DHT without acting adversely upon male testosterone. Procerin blocks the transformation of testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone and enhances the hair line. Procerin is best for all those hair loss patients who are between the 18 to 35 years  and whose hair cycle remains active. Therefore, in the case of young patients, Procerin helps in enhancing and rejuvenating the hair line with the growth of new hair. For older men, or men with more advanced stages of hair loss, Procerin is more effective in maintaining the existing hairline then in regrowth. For more information on hair growth supplements, causes and effective treatment log on to

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